Our mission

   To give our customers solutions and satisfactions through continuous improvement of our operations providing quality and reliable high tech products and working together with fast changing world demands. To give our shareholders the best return to our employees a stable and stimulating environment and to the society the welfare that our work brings.

Our customer service

   Our sales and technical staff give our customers the best and most reliable advice .we also assure them an immediate answer to any concern referred to our products warranty claims maintenance or replacement parts we'll always find the best solution.

Our quality system

   We have implemented a quality assurance system according to the guidelines of ISO9001:2000 and ISO 14001 standerds. Our directors and manager commitment to the quality and the involvement of all our employees in the system let us guarantee our customer that our customer that our products exceed their requirements.

Our technology

   In our company the design optimization and the improvement of our products performance and quality is an everyday concern. Using sophisticated computer programs state of the art equipment and the best raw materials we are the technological leader of the region. We take pride in our customer trust that has been accomplished through years delivering high quality and reliable products. Our best asset is our employees commitment to improving themselves and our company everyday sharing the same values to assure the highest quality of our products and services.