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Reflective Product  
Cheap Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting compared with 3M VIP 3990 & DG3 4000



China Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting Vinyl at cheap and competitive price;

-Meeting ASTM D 4956 type IX standards for diamond grade reflective sheeting;

(You can compare our product with 3M Scotchlite VIP 3990, 3M DG3 4000 or Avery T 7500 Diamond grade reflective sheeting);

-Used for traffic signs, road signs, conspicuity vehicle markings reflective tape and other signs;

-Long work life for 10 years;

-Size: 1.22m * 45.72m or 48" * 50 yards and can be cut into other size;

- Export worldwide;

Also Check Prismatic fluorescent yellow green / Lime yellow reflective sheeting

this product color is similar to 3M or Avery fluorescent yellow green color.



Compare our product with 3M VIP, 3M DG3 or Avery T 7500 Diamond grade reflective sheeting/vinyl/film;

reflective material diamond grade reflective sheeting high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting

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