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Reflective Product  
PU/PVC Spring post & Reboundable Fixed Flexible Channelizer Bollard


Spring post & Flexible Plastic Bollard (H-SP)
- Height in 45cm/75cm/;
- PU or PVC soft material;
- With exceptional vertical rebound resilience, tensile strength and impact resistance;
- With high intensity reflective sheeting collar/sleeve;
- Good sun resistance and do not fade;
Luminous spring post & glow in dark spring post & luminescent spring post or bollard
- color: yellow green
- Height: 76cm & Net Weight: 1.4kg/pc
- Main material: PU, soft feel
- With exceptional vertical rebound resilience, tensile strength and impact resistance.
- Good ability to glow in dark after absorbing from various lights.
- Luminous, luminescent or glow in the dark bollard & spring post good to use at night or darkness;


Flexible Knock Down Bollard & Channelizer Post

Made from PE, hard feel material;

Height: 95cm or other height;

Weight: 3kg;
Base diamter: 26cm;

With spring device at base that can the Channelizer post bend over;



Spring post or Flexible Plastic Bollard (H-SP)
Reboundable delineator;
glow in dark spring post; 
luminous spring post; 
luminescent spring post;
Good for traffic control;

reflective material diamond grade reflective sheeting high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting

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